Best Fruit Trees For San Diego

If you are a fruit lover and you live in San Diego, consider yourself lucky! The city is known for having an attractive climate and healthy soil, so you can grow a fruit tree in your backyard! You will not only have easy access to fresh produce, but you can also make outdoor spaces more beautiful. 

In this short guide, we’ll have a rundown of our favorites for fruit trees for San Diego. You will also learn some tips on how to ensure their healthy growth.

Top Picks for Fruit Trees for San Diego 

Forget about buying expensive fruits! Instead, consider growing a fruit tree in your backyard. Below are some of our top recommendations. 

1. Orange 

Ask any provider of tree service San Diego about the best fruits to grow in the city, and they will surely recommend oranges. Like other citrus fruits, San Diego’s warm weather and generous sunshine are ideal for different varieties of oranges, such as Smith Red Valencia, Moro, Seville, Washington, and Navel. 

When growing oranges, pick a spot with well-drained soil that receives full sun. It is also a good idea to start planting in pots so that you can move it around depending on where the sun is.

You should remove small fruits in the first two years to grow larger fruits in the years to come. Nonetheless, in many instances, oranges naturally drop from the tree in May or June. 

Fertilization is important depending on your goal. For instance, if you need more oil in the peel, the tree needs extra nitrogen.

2. Lemon 

If you are looking for an ornamental and productive option for fruit trees San Diego, you can hardly go wrong with lemons. One of the best varieties to grow in the city is Improved Meyer, which is known for having a slightly sweeter flavor compared to others. 

You can grow lemons both indoors and outdoors. When grown indoors, they can reach an average height of three to five feet. Outdoors, they can grow up to 20 feet. There are also dwarf varieties that can reach only up to ten feet. 

One of the major requirements for growing lemon trees is pruning, which is best done from late winter to early spring. This will help establish the shape of the tree as it grows while also removing unhealthy parts that can damage the other portions. If you are uncomfortable doing this task yourself, ask help from experts in tree trimming San Diego

3. Fig 

California supplies up to 98% of figs in the United States. Unsurprisingly, it is one of the best fruit trees San Diego that you can grow even in your backyard! It is disease-resistant, and will also make a great option for drought-tolerant trees in San Diego.  

Whether indoors or outdoors, figs can grow. In most instances, they will not require fertilizers unless they are grown in containers. However, if the tree does not grow more than 12 inches every growing season, then apply fertilizers to supplement the nutrients necessary for its growth. 

Fig trees will thrive in almost any type of soil. For the best outcomes, the soil needs to be well-draining. Using compost and manure will help establish healthy soil to grow larger trees with an abundance of fruits. 

4. Peach 

Most varieties of peaches will grow in San Diego, including August Pride, Bonita, Desert Gold, Ventura, and Tropic Snow. You need to choose those that can survive with an average exposure of 150 to 350 hours to chilling winter temperatures. Otherwise, it will not survive. 

One of the most important requirements is the condition of the soil. Peaches love loam or clay loam. The deep sandy soil should also have proper drainage. If not, then the root can be prone to rot. More so, the pH level of the soil should be approximately 6.5. 

To ensure better crops, regular pruning is necessary. Tree service California companies can help you do so. They can keep peach trees neat while maximizing the potential for an abundant harvest. 

5. Avocado 

San Diego and other coastal zones in California are attractive areas for planting avocados. It is best to plant this tree on a hillside, which will direct the flow of frost away from the sensitive fruits. Planting avocado in between other trees is also a good idea, which will protect it from the extreme cold. 

Compared to other fruit trees, you will be dealing with fewer pests. Persea mites are the most common pests, which will leave measle-like marks on the leaves. Brown mites can also feed on the leaves and create unsightly dark spots. 

For care and maintenance, one of the most important is to pinch the two newest leaves on the top as it grows at least six inches. This is important to keep the plant bushy. This will allow the tree to grow more leaves and side shoots. 



Q: What are the best fruit trees to grow in Southern California? 

A: The best trees to grow in Southern California include oranges, lemons, limes, figs, avocados, peaches, and pomegranates, among others. This region is gifted with a pleasant Mediterranean climate, which makes it ideal for growing a wide array of fruit trees San Diego. 

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Q: Do peach trees grow in San Diego? 

A: Yes, peach trees grow in San Diego. However, not all types of peaches are suitable for Southern California’s weather. Specifically, you need to concentrate on low-chill varieties, which will thrive with minimal exposure to winter temperatures. 

Q: Can banana trees grow in San Diego?

A: Yes, banana trees can grow in San Diego. Bananas can grow in Sunset Zones 21 to 24, which are places in San Diego that enjoys a combination of winter warmth and humidity. Nonetheless, while bananas can grow, it isn’t as popular as other trees, such as orange and peach. 

Local Tree Experts Overview 

The best fruit trees for san Diego will fully grow with minimal care and maintenance. Thanks to the region’s great climate throughout the year, you can grow trees and pick fresh fruits right in your yard!

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