Best Drought Tolerant Trees San Diego

With increasing water restriction regulations and the desire to embark on eco-friendly landscaping, it is crucial to be smart when choosing trees to grow in San Diego. Look for those that can survive even harsh growing conditions, especially drought. 

If you are looking for the best drought tolerant trees San Diego, we got your back! Keep on reading and we’ll list down some of the best trees to grow! 

Top 10 Drought Tolerant Trees San Diego 

Take your home landscapes to the next level! Below is a quick list of some of the top picks for San Diego drought tolerant trees! 

1. Australian Willow 

A medium-sized and upright tree, the Australian willow is an attractive evergreen with strong branches. It has long and drooping olive-green leaves, which will make your yard more appealing. This is as tough as a eucalyptus tree and as beautiful as a willow tree. 

This water-wise tree is also known for being maintenance-free. There is no need for pruning! It also has deep and non-invasive roots, which means that it will create minimal litter and will not damage the structural integrity of pavements. 

2. California Sycamore 

If space is not an issue, this is another option for the drought-resistant trees you can plant in San Diego. It can reach a height of up to 75 feet, so make sure you have a large backyard! 

Those who would like to experience the beauty of fall in their home will have another good reason to pick this tree. Its large leaves change color and drop in fall. 

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With its fast growth rate, make sure to get in touch with providers of tree service California for regular pruning.

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3. Canary Island Pine

With more than 115 species of pine trees around the world, the Canary Island pine is one of the best to plant in San Diego. It is a tall tree that can grow anywhere from 70 to 80 feet. If you want a drought-tolerant tree that can provide filtered shade, this is a good pick. 

This pine tree drops its needles once they mature, which makes it self-pruning. This way, it will require minimal maintenance. 

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4. Carrotwood Tree

Another popular option for drought tolerant trees San Diego, it is an evergreen. Meaning, it will maintain a green and glossy foliage throughout the year. 

When it fully grows, the average height will be around 40 feet. The diameter of the canopy, on the other hand, can spread up to 30 feet. 

The biggest problem, however, is that it produces a lot of tree droppings. The fruits are non-edible and can make a huge mess. The resilient roots can also be an issue and cause structural damage. If you need help dealing with the large roots, get in touch with the providers of tree services San Diego.

5. Jacaranda 


Touted as one of the world’s most spectacular flowering trees, it unleashes its full beauty from late spring to early summer. During such time, it grows tubular lavender-blue blooms, making the tree a sight to behold. 

While beautiful, take note that this is a high-maintenance tree. Their blooms can rain down on your yard. The long stems can also drop. Not to mention, they grow fast, so regular pruning is necessary to maintain their best appearance. If you want it out of your yard, contact providers of tree removal San Diego. 

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6. Liquid Amber 

Also called American sweetgum, this drought-tolerant tree is popular for its maple-like leaves, which are at their most beautiful during the fall. Their vibrant color is sure to make your yard more appealing!

Aside from its unbelievably striking fall color, it is also known for being easy to maintain. It thrives in full sun to partial shade and has a good fire-resistance. However, since it can reach a height of 80 feet and the canopy can be as wide as 40 feet, regular trimming is necessary to keep it clean. 

7. Melaleuca 

Also called the paperbark bark tree, the melaleuca is a ubiquitous feature of San Diego landscapes. It has pale-yellow flowers, papery bark, and skinny leaves, making it a great option if you are looking for an ornamental tree. 

More than being decorative, the melaleuca is also grown for its medicinal benefits. You can obtain essential oils from its leaves and twigs, which will be a natural antiseptic. It treats skin infections, burns, and stings. More so, it is believed to boost the immune system as well. 

8. Mimosa 

Exotic and tropical, the mimosa is another excellent addition to our list of San Diego drought tolerant trees. It has a full and dense canopy, making it a great way to transform your yard into a rainforest in the middle of a city. 

Aside from the attractive umbrella form of this tree, it is also revered for its pink or rose feathery flowers. 

9. Sweet Acacia 

Being able to thrive even in the desert, it is unsurprising that the sweet acacia is one of the best drought-tolerant trees. The flowers are notable. It grows powder puff-like yellow blooms, which also attract attention because of their fragrance. 

Once the tree is established, it requires low to moderate water. It can also thrive even under the full sun.

10. Tipu Tree 

The Tipuana or tipu tree is another favorite shade and ornamental tree in San Diego. They have sunshine-colored flowers and fern-like leaves, making the tree an attractive addition to your landscape. You can plant it even near roads since the roots are non-destructive, minimizing the likelihood that they can cause pavement damage. 

While it is dazzling when in full bloom, once the flowers dry, they will create a huge mess. The whip-like branches will also fall from the tree. Plus, it can grow up to 50-inch wide, making it invasive. Regular tree trimming San Diego will help to address these problems. 

Local Tree Experts Overview 

With the best drought tolerant trees San Diego, you can have impressive landscapes without the need for generous watering. These trees can withstand shortages in water supply while adding character and a hint of green to your yard!

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