10 Signs Of A Healthy Tree In Fort Worth

They paint the planet green, make it beautiful, spice up nature and they are our natural friends. Yes, trees serve all these mind blowing purposes.

But having a tree is not enough; you got to make sure it is healthy so it can serve its rightful purpose. Many have trees around them but very few can tell if they are healthy or not. We can bet the question, ‘What are the signs of a healthy tree?’ is already ringing in your mind, right?

Let’s get the answer!

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10 Signs Of A Healthy Tree

If you are like most homeowners in Fort Worth, you may want to know, “How can you tell a tree is healthy?” Well, to tell a tree is healthy, look at the following signs:

1. Healthy Roots And The Area Around The Base

Inspecting the area at the base of your tree could help you tell if your tree is healthy or not. The soil around the base should be slightly wet but not soggy.

Remember, too little or too much water is dangerous. Unusual growth of fungus or mushroom should be absent; if otherwise they should never be ignored.

2. Noticeable Growth

As time goes by, you should be able to notice the growth on your tree. New leaves, branches and shoots should be present. Making small marks on it could help you with this.

3. Lots of leaves

We all want a leafy tree, don’t we? Healthy trees in Fort Worth should have a good noticeable number of blossoming leaves.

4. Healthy Leaves

Thick and green are the first signs of a healthy tree; in fact, move this baby to number one! If you notice any discoloration or thinned leaves, it’s time to contact a tree company so you can determine the problem.

5. Flexible Branches

Not only should the branches be healthy, they should be flexible as well.  If the branches are showing any signs of breakage or weakness by now you know the drill; talk to a professional arborist for help.

6. Complete Branches

Flexible is not enough; the branches should be full as well. The barks should be complete with no cracks or hollows. Have a professional

tree trimming Fort Worth

service edge and prune your trees as they grow to ensure complete branches.

7. Hardened Barks

Exactly as it sounds. The barks of a healthy tree

should be firm enough. They shouldn’t be peeling off or feeling spongy.

8. Possessing a Leader Trunk

Studies show that more than one trunk in a tree makes it loose its stability.  Don’t miss a step in the growth of your tree, if you notice it’s developing more than one trunk then, the journey won’t end up so well.

9. Relevant Color

Depending on the species and the seasons, healthy trees in Fort Worth should possess the appropriate color. If you notice any changes, then something is not right.

10. Reasonable Leaning if not straight

Not all trees grow straight up but those that don’t they will just lean slightly. Leaning that is beyond 20% vertically is and should be a bird of ill omen.

How Do I Know If My Oak Tree Is Healthy?


To know if an oak tree is healthy watch out for the following:

  • The color of the barks should be green- yellowish. If you notice anything different like some sort of discoloration, then your oak tree could be diseased.
  • They normally seem wholesome but oak trees may get attacked by pests and insects such as caterpillars, lace bugs and more. If you spot any, don’t think they are just chilling and having a good time! They could be slowly killing your tree so it’s time to step up. Good thing? Most tree experts in Fort Worth are just a call away!
  • Check out for the growth progress of your oak tree. If the tree shows some signs of reduced or stunted growth; something could be wrong.

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Oak trees need to be inspected at least once a year. A step by step growth record of the entire tree should help you keep track of any changes and know when to act.

The aforementioned pointers may have made you feel like you haven’t been doing enough for your oak tree. Caring for an oak can be overwhelming, we agree, and at this point you are probably not sure if yours is okay or not. Don’t stress too much, clear your doubts by having it inspected by an expert.

Tree Service Removal Overview

Working hand in hand with a reputable tree service Texas company can and will save you the shock of a drained bank account courtesy of unhealthy and dead trees. As if that is not enough, they will help you keep your trees growing, glowing and all vigorous.  After all, who doesn’t want a home with a true representation of nature?

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