5 Flowering Trees In Dallas, North Texas

Trees play a very important role in domestic landscapes. They are the most dominant parts of your garden that add beauty, value, pop of color, and shade to your homes. Still, you need just a few flowering trees in North Texas to make your backyard and garden come to life. There are tons of options to consider when you’re choosing flowering trees in Dallas, so keep reading to find out what type would fit you the most!

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Flowering Trees in Dallas – Common Varieties 

1.The Orchid Tree

Gorgeous blooms that are very similar to orchids is the reason why this tree is named as it is. They are ideal for the climate in Texas as they are usually considered to be a tropical and semi-tropical class of trees according to tree services in Texas.

Several types of orchid trees can grow without any problems in varying arid climates and soil conditions. The Anacacho orchid tree is one of the flowering trees in Dallas that will make your backyard beautiful when the flowering seasons start! The tree canopy is covered in a bunch of small white flowers during spring. This tree is an excellent choice for a courtyard since it grows only up to 10 feet in height. 

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2. The Dogwood

The eastern side of Texas loves the dogwood. However, this tree is one of the favorite flowering trees in North Texas too! It can brighten up your backyard and driveway in no time with its pink and white flowers. The dogwood flowers are usually taken as an announcement for the end of winter seasons since they are the first blooms of spring. 

It is very important to mention that these trees are high maintenance, even though you might see some dogwood trees profoundly flourish in full sun exposure. You need to provide for good compost soil where they can survive. Rich forest soils are usually their favorite. They can be very difficult to rear and you might find it hard to take care of a dogwood tree, which is the only downside. 

3. The Chaste Tree

The chaste tree is your go-to option if you’re looking for beautiful white or blue blooms in your garden. If you consult with a Dallas tree service, you will find out that there are only a handful of trees that give blooms all throughout summer. The chase tree is one of them!

Owners are especially proud of the multi-trunked base of the chaste tree. They say that the aesthetics it adds to a landscape are incomparable with anything. Usually, these trees can grow up to 15 feet in height, but they sometimes go even higher than that. They are generally sturdy and considered low maintenance. Dry – moist soils are favored, and full sun exposure is recommended by the experts. 

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4. The American Smoke Tree

The American smoke tree is another variety of flowering trees in North Texas that will certainly brighten up your backyard. However, it’s a shame that it is widely under-planted given the sheer beauty of the tree. The cloud-like blooms that vary between hues of purple and pink have a great potential to add to the aesthetics of your landscapes. The name originated from the smoke-like foliage the tree produces.

In addition, this tree is ideal if you’re looking for a big one as it can grow up to more than 20 feet in height. They multi-trunked form and the dramatic effect they give with their “smoke” cloud are the reasons why this tree can add spectacular charm to your garden!

5. The Rusty Blackhaw Viburnum 

The rusty blackhaw viburnum is an excellent choice for those of you looking for a blooming tree that can add a quaint charm to your backyard. It grows well throughout the state and produces clusters of the most spectacular small flowers. It is suggested to provide some “shade time” to a tree for better growth, even though it thrives exceptionally well in full sun. 


Q: What are the best trees to plant in Dallas Texas?

A: There are plenty of trees that are able to thrive in Dallas, TX. However, the orchid tree, dogwood, chaste tree, and American smoke tree are among the most popular ones. They are able to withstand heat and dry soil. Still, you might have to pay more attention to certain types, but all of these are doing pretty well in Dallas. 

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Tree Service Removal Overview

Hopefully, this article helped you better understand flowering trees in Dallas. Flowering trees are especially popular due to the beautiful colors they can add to a landscape. Still, they have their own shortcomings, so you might want to be careful with certain varieties. Just make sure that you consult with a professional tree service if you’re thinking about planting a flowering tree in Dallas!

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