Alice Texas Tree Pest And Diseases

Pests and diseases are among the leading causes of trees’ decline or death in Alice, Texas. When trees are stressed, say, due to poor soils, or after an injury or a harsh weather condition, they are more vulnerable to attacks. 

Knowing how to spot these attacks can help you take the right action in good time and maintain a healthy landscape. We have identified 5 common Alice tree pests and diseases and how to keep them under control. 

5 Killer Alice Tree Pests And Diseases And How To Manage Them

While there are many Alice Texas tree pests and diseases, we have singled out the following due to the degree of damage and harm they can cause. 

1. Dutch Elm Disease

The Dutch elm disease is one of the most common tree diseases in Texas simply because elms are among the most popular species in the state. All native species of elm are vulnerable to the disease and thousands of them succumb to it every year.

When it attacks, the leaves of the tree begin to wither, curl, and turn brown. This can happen on one or multiple branches depending on the extent of the attack. Eventually, the leaves on the entire crown withers and the tree dies. Contact a tree service Alice professional as soon as you spot withered foliage on your elms. If this disease is not managed early, it will spread rapidly and probably kill the tree. 

2. Emerald Ash Borer

The Emerald Ash Borer is an exotic beetle that targets the ash, one of the most common shade trees in Texas. It feeds on the inner bark of the tree, hindering the tree’s ability to carry water from the roots to the leaves. Insufficient water in the foliage disrupts the tree’s ability to make food, which causes the tree to start to die. 

The infected tree will exhibit symptoms such as treetop dieback, woodpecker feeding holes, peeling back, and tiny D-shaped holes on the trunk. The Emerald Ash Borer spreads quickly and can kill a tree pretty fast. But how fast your tree dies will depend on its ability to fight diseases. Some trees will survive up to four years with the infection; others will not live any longer than a year. Keep your ash trees healthy by scheduling regular site visits with a tree service Texas expert. 

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3. Fire Blight 

Fire blight is a deadly disease affecting apple and pear trees in Alice. It spreads through physical contact, birds, insects, and other wildlife. Even the tools you use for landscaping can transmit the fire blight pathogen, so make sure you have disinfected them properly after using them on trees you think might be infected. 

The symptoms of the disease can appear on leaves, shoots, flowers, branches, and mature stems. The infected tissue will turn black or brown, wilt, and die, but still, remain attached to the tree. There is no treatment for fire blight. You can only manage it by cutting off the affected leaves and branches. Using pesticides may also help keep the pest population under control. 

4. Oak Wilt 

Oak wilt is found throughout Texas. It is one of the Alice Texas tree pests and diseases targeting the oaks, killing hundreds of these trees in home landscapes, woodlots, and forests every year. It starts with fall color appearing at the wrong season, then the leaves begin to wither and brown and within a short period of time, the tree is dead. Oak wilt will kill a tree in just a few weeks, which makes it one of the deadliest tree fungus in Texas

Once it has infected a tree, nothing can be done rather than removing the tree as soon as possible to prevent the spread of the disease to healthy trees. But you can prevent the disease by avoiding injuring oaks when pruning, as the disease usually enters the tree through open wounds. 

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5. Anthracnose 

Another disease that has been found to affect the oak is anthracnose. But unlike oak wilt that affects all oak varieties, this one mostly targets the white oaks. Maples and ash tree species are also susceptible to the disease. 

The leaves of the infected tree often have brown patches and sometimes turn completely brown. They may also curl and fall off. While anthracnose may seem serious, it is not as life-threatening as the rest of the diseases we have discussed here. Severe infections may cause the tree to lose leaves in the spring but the tree usually produces new foliage in the summer. Pruning dead branches can help manage the infection. 

The Local Tree Experts Overview 

The above Alice tree pests and diseases are fatal and can hinder your efforts to achieve your desired curb appeal. However, like most tree diseases, they can be avoided by giving your trees proper care. Constantly caring for your trees keeps them in good health, which boosts their immunity against pests and diseases.

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