Why Tree Branches Are Dying In Fort Worth

Some of the signs that your tree might be having a disease are broken twigs, branches falling, and tree branches dying. The good news is that certified Fort Worth tree services will for sure know how to help you with treating dying tree and its branches. Keep reading to find out more about different tree diseases and how they affect tree branches!

Why Are Tree Branches Dying? – Common Causes

There are many common tree diseases in Fort Worth that can cause your tree branches to die prematurely. The ones mentioned below are very common and probably the reason behind your dying tree branches.

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Sudden Oak Death 

This water mold pathogen infects shade tree varieties and oaks. It usually targets trees with weak immune systems or ones that have been damaged. The disease spreads quickly via rain and winds and thrives in wet Texas weather. Broken branches, spotted leaves, and reduced foliage indicate the invasion of SOD. Treating dying tree from this disease is necessary as this lethal organism will kill it very quickly without proper treatment. 


This fungal pathogen destroys a tree from the inside out which is why it is also known as “heart rot”. Trees that get infected with this fungus will topple over so you will have to be careful with your property under the tree. Branches falling, broken twigs and premature defoliation along with mushroom-shaped structures filled with excessive spores indicate that your tree has been infected. Request diagnosis from an experienced plant pathologist as taking care of a tree is necessary for this situation. 

How Can You Protect Your Trees?

It is always recommended to entrust the care of your residential outdoor environment to a tree service in Texas to avoid further damaging your trees. They increase your property value, provide cooling shaded areas, and are highlights amongst your grounds, so you need to take good care of your trees. 

When administrated annually, deep root fertilization can increase the resistance against common diseases by 95%. This is done by injecting liquid nutrients and minerals directly into the tree’s root zone, but you will need professional assistance. In addition, soil compaction is corrected and the injected oxygen will lead to soil aeration. 

To prevent the infection from spreading throughout the tree’s structures, make sure that you hire a tree pruning service for regularly-scheduled pruning. Your tree’s limbs won’t get enough air and sunlight if the branches are overcrowded. When treating dying tree, pruning might be helpful to restore its health and tissue.

Abrasions and wounds can also damage the root system and the tree in general. Shovels, weed trimmers, and mowers can cause these unintentional damages. So, make sure to always have a professional help overseeing your regular lawn, decorative plants, and trees. These accidental wounds can be healed if noticed on time. 

A continual tree health care maintenance plan is what you want to come up with to keep your tree in good health. This is why hiring an experienced tree company is always the best since combating serious tree diseases can be a long and demanding process.

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Q: What are the signs that a tree is dying?

A: Lack or a reduction of leaves on a tree is a sure sign that the tree is dealing with some sort of disease. Bark becoming brittle, limbs falling off, and tree branches dying are also signs that you should do something about your tree’s health.  Contact a professional as soon as possible to avoid further damage. 

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Q: Why do branches die on trees?

A: Branches die on trees for a number of reasons. The lack of light is usually the most common one. In this case, a tree will discard some of the branches so it can get more direct sunlight. Damage from insects, disease, or wind is also some of the reasons why branches die on trees. 

Q: Does cutting off dead branches help a tree?

A: If you cut off branches from your tree regularly you will help your tree with its health and vitality in general. When you cut off the dead branches you are also getting rid of potential entrances for diseases and pests. The tree will be able to heal back to normal when you’re done with cutting off dead branches. 

Tree Service Removal Overview

The most common reason for dying tree branches in Forth Worth are diseases. However, the good news is that these can usually be treated if they’re recognized and diagnosed in a timely manner. This is why sticking with an experienced and trusted arborist is always recommended. Don’t just sit around if you notice that dead tree branches are all around the tree’s trunk. Do something and help your tree to start feeling better again and continue its life normally!

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