June Gloom San Diego And Impact On Trees

June isn’t the best time to be in San Diego. There is a term that Californians use to refer to this month – June gloom. Grey skies are common. Heavy clouds are highly visible. This isn’t exactly the best time to be out and about, especially if you want to enjoy the beach and outdoor activities. 

However, it isn’t all bad! June gloom San Diego has its bright side, especially for trees. Keep on reading and we’ll talk about how this phenomenon can be beneficial for trees in California

What is June Gloom? 

June gloom is a natural weather pattern that is characterized by dark and heavy clouds combined with cool temperatures. At this time, stratus clouds are at a low altitude. A marine layer creates stratus clouds. It usually happens early in the morning but can extend until the afternoon, and in some cases, the entire day. 

It is a problem for people who are on a vacation or those who would like to enjoy the great California outdoors. It is hard to enjoy the beach at this time. Nonetheless, it can be good for the environment. Even drought-tolerant trees in California will benefit from the cool weather this phenomenon brings. 

A Good Time to Plant 

Experts in tree service California recommends taking advantage of June gloom. If you have been waiting for the perfect time to start planting trees, this might be the best option. Below, we’ll quickly talk about some of the reasons why such is the case. 

1. It Extends the Planting Season  

One of the bright sides of June gloom is that it lets you enjoy an extended season for planting San Diego trees. When July hits, the temperature will be significantly higher. This can bring extreme heat, and plants will be vulnerable to damage. 

Because of June gloom, you will have extra time to plant trees and shrubs. This will provide more allowance to let their root systems grow before the weather gets hot. Once the root system is established, the plant can focus its energy on growing its top part. 

2. It Provides Much Needed Humidity 

A newly planted tree hates extremely hot weather. Even if you chose a drought-tolerant variety, a lot of trees cannot tolerate high temperatures when they are young. They first need to be established before they can manage drought. With this, June gloom San Diego brings the much-needed humidity to help trees thrive. 

3. It Creates Filtered Light 

Being too hot means that there is too much light, which can be bad for trees. This can happen in the summer, but during June gloom, the tree is spared from such a burden. Newly planted trees may not tolerate this heat, so it is good that the gloomy weather in June creates a sort of filter. This provides the plants with the ability to adjust before the arrival of summer. 

What to Do During June Gloom San Diego 

This is also the perfect opportunity to do some things that you won’t be able to do in the summer months, including the following: 

  • Thin out San Diego fruit trees. From plums to peaches, fruits are slowly being abundant this month. Do not be afraid to remove small and unhealthy fruits. This will give the tree the chance to grow the hardiest harvest.  
  • Start deadheading your trees. Get rid of the damaged branches and other parts. Prune your trees to make them neat and compact. At this point, they are not yet vulnerable to damage compared to the summer months. Tree trimming San Diego during June gloom will make the plants less prone to diseases. 
  • Het rid of aphids in the garden. They come to life in June, so take this as a chance to eliminate their presence. They will suck the sap of new growth and can result in stunted growth and curled leaves when not properly managed. 
  • Add the right fertilizer to your plants. This will supplement the nutrients that they need for established growth. In turn, it will make the trees healthier and less susceptible to heat damage in the next months. 


Q: Why do we have June gloom? 

A: Oceanic and atmospheric conditions are the main driving forces behind June gloom. Being the cloudiest months in the coastal area, it results in grey skies and cool temperatures. The clouds are at a lower altitude, bringing an overcast that is not typically experienced in San Diego or other parts of California. 

Local Tree Experts Overview 

In sum, June gloom San Diego is not at all that bad. Yes, it means that the skies are dark and overcast can ruin your beach days. However, for trees and plants in California, this is good news! It adds humidity and filtered light, helping the plant to establish its growth and become more robust as a preparation for the arrival of harsher temperatures come summer.

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